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PVI offers two general categories of training: courses focused on Polyvagal Theory, which are taught by Stephen Porges and/or Deb Dana, and courses which focus on the application of PVT to other disciplines, known here as PVT Applications Courses.

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PVT Courses

Polyvagal Theory Courses

PVI's courses are designed to meet a range of interest levels, from the mildly curious to the avid polyvagalist, as well as appeal to both professionals and non-professionals. All courses are taught by Stephen Porges and/or Deb Dana.

Partnership Courses

PVT Applications Courses

In an effort to create courses which illustrate how Polyvagal Principles are integrated into specific disciplines, PVI is collaborating with professionals who have been integrating PVT into their work for years.

PVI's Learning Center

Browse polyvagal theory courses taught by Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Arielle Schwartz, Jan Winhall, Michael Allison and others!

Laying Bricks

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Learning the Basics of Polyvagal Theory?


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A Polyvagalist Powerhouse Ready to Learn More?

Fists in Solidarity

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Ready to Apply PVT to Your Work or Home Life?

"If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer."

-Stephen Porges, PhD

Core Courses to Build Your PVT Foundation


Deep Dive Certificate Level Courses


Integrative Courses For Your Life

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