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Upcoming Events

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April 3-16, 2024

Online Summit

PVI International Partner Quantum Way brings you the 2024 Trauma, Attach(e)ment, & Resilience Online Summit from April 3-16, 2024. Featuring 10 days of live talks and interaction to provide a better understanding of trauma and attachment theory and pave the way to resilience and healing, this free online event is presented in English and French with simultaneous translation.
Enjoy 30 speakers from various countries providing 30 hours of talks: Linda Thai, Kathy Steele, Deb Dana, Ruth Lanius, Janina Fisher, Christine Forner, Diana Fosha, François le Doze, Richard Schwartz, Sue Carter, Dafna Lender, Resmaa Menakem, Stephen & Seth Porges, Lissa Rankin, Ruth Cohn, Pascale Brillon, Dan Siegel, Bessel van der Kolk, François Louboff, Anne Dewailly & Robert Muzuri Rugoheza, Pat Odgen, Betsy Polatin, Reshie Joseph, Anthony Gorry & Stephen Porges, Kristin Neff, Licia Sky, Boris Cyrulnik and Peter Levine.


Thursday, April 18, 2024

12pm-1pm ET

Join PVI and Course Partner Jan Winhall, MSW for an in-depth conversation with Raja Selvam, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist, senior trainer in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE) professional trauma training programs, and the developer of Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP), a science-backed, body-based, and emotion-focused complementary approach designed to reduce treatment times and improve diverse outcomes in all therapy modalities including existing body psychotherapy approaches. 

The Embodied Dialogue Series is hosted on the PVI Community App, in the private Felt Sense Polyvagal Approach to Trauma & Addiction Group. You are invited to join the community here.

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Thursday, May 16, 2024

12pm-1pm ET

Join PVI and Course Partners Jan Winhall, MSW and Arielle Schwartz, PhD as we delve into the congruence of Polyvagal Theory, vagus nerve stimulation, and yoga. We

will discuss the science behind vagus nerve stimulation and guide you through gentle practices support your wellbeing. You will learn how to naturally stimulate the vagus nerve in areas of the body where the vagus nerve travels close to the surface of your skin such as on the sides or back of the neck and on areas surrounding the ear. Dr. Schwartz will share with you the foundations of her yoga teachings integrating Science, Soma, and Soul as a foundation for a deep, meaningful connection to your Self and why having safe community spaces is essential to the healing journey.

The Embodied Dialogue Series is hosted on the PVI Community App, in the private Felt Sense Polyvagal Approach to Trauma & Addiction Group. You are invited to join the community here.


May 30-June 3, 2024

Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Stephen Porges will deliver a keynote address at the 26th International Energy Psychology Conference hosted by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Enjoy 3-5 days of in-person only connection and learning in the stunning Sonora Desert. Open to all healing professionals with an interest in integrative approaches. CEs also available. 

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June 14-16, 2024

Registration is now open for Polyvagal Institute's 2024 International Gathering! This in-person and virtual event returns, this time live in Potsdam, Germany, just outside of Berlin. Featuring  Stephen Porges, Gabor Mate,  Deb Dana, and a line-up of international and European experts, we will be exploring the topic of Polyvagal Theory and the Modern Family: Finding Safety and Connection, with all content presented in English. Compliment your in-person learning experience by participating in a variety of optional Embodiment Practices that bring polyvagal principles to life.

Multilingual translation via our PVI International Partners is available for virtual audiences. 

In-person seats and accommodations at the venue are limited, so don't wait! 

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