Upcoming Events


Psychotherapy Networker Symposium

March 18-21, 2021

  • Deb Dana presenting Polyvagal Theory in Action: Harnessing the Healing Potential of the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Stephen Porges presenting Safe and Sound: How Voice Can Contribute to Healing Trauma



The Forum for Integrative Medicine: Chronic Illness

March 5-7, 2021

The Forum for Integrative Medicine was started by several practitioners with the goal of sharing information to better facilitate the treatment of complex chronic illnesses. The primary focus of this virtual event is to share practical solutions to enhance the treatment options available to patients.



Solving Chronic Pain Summit: A New Pathway to Relief

Jan. 22-25, 2021

For those of you who missed the Solving Chronic Pain Summit last week, the recorded discussion will soon be available through the Open Center. For a glimpse, see this free discussion among the moderators of the event - Drs. Aria, Hanscom, Clawson and Porges. You won't be disappointed!

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