Upcoming Events

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November 19-21, 2021

Learning & the Brain Conference: Boston, MA

Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Lori Desautels are presenting at this annual summit presented by MIT and Harvard University which focuses on neuroscience and education.

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November 11-13, 2021

The STAR Sensory Symposium: Neuroception and Sensory Processing

Dr. Stephen Porges presents the keynote at this annual STAR (Sensory Therapies and Research) conference.  His presentation is entitled The Polyvagal Theory: Implications for Understanding and Supporting Children with Disordered Sensory Processing 


Nov. 18, 2021  |  7-8:30pm EST

Book Launch Discussion 

Please join Polyvagal authors Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Marilyn Sanders, and George Thompson to discuss their recently published books on this live Zoom call. The discussion will include general ideas on the future of Polyvagal Theory as well as perspectives on how PVT can be embedded into clinical care. There is no charge for this event.