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Image by Mayur Gala

Traumatic Stress Research Consortium

Research conducted at the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University

Traumatic Stress Research Consortium (TSRC)

The Traumatic Stress Research Consortium is a research initiative at Indiana University. The research orientation of the consortium emerges from the Polyvagal Theory which explains how threat can retune the autonomic nervous system into states of defense that disrupt physical health, mental wellbeing, and social relationships.


KI-TSRC's research mission:

  • To witness and document the consequences of trauma

  • To understand the neurophysiological mechanisms that are disrupted by trauma

  • To provide insights and tools for clinicians and clients

  • To assess the effectiveness of interventions


We are seeking clinicians who are interested in joining this important project. We are assembling a worldwide group of approximately 1,000 clinicians who specialize in working with trauma, and who will identify clients from their clinical caseloads to participate in consortium studies. Our goals are to learn about the experiences of trauma survivors and the clinicians who work with them.


How do I become a participating clinician?

To register, please send an email to

To learn more about the role of clinicians in the consortium, please visit our website and read our invitation to clinicians.

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