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Organizational Certificate Program

A Polyvagal-Informed Training 

“If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer."

 - Stephen Porges

These days, organizations of all stripes - clinical, non-clinical, public, private, etc. - are seeing a huge rise in stress-related challenges. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1 in 5 adults live with a mental illness, and almost half of all mental health workers report feeling overworked and burned out (American Psychological Association).

And yet, no matter what culture or environment we work in, we have an innate, biologically-based need for safety and connection.

The Polyvagal-Informed Organizational Certificate Program from Polyvagal Institute is built around the core polyvagal understanding that our physiological state plays a significant role in driving our behavior. By developing self-awareness around our own nervous system states and learning to shift into states that promote social engagement, we can create an 'upward spiral' resulting in an organizational and workplace culture that feels healthier, more resilient, inclusive, and collaborative.

Polyvagal Informed Upward Spiral for Organizations

Self-Awareness of Physiological States > Sensitivity to Others’ States > 

Improved Relational Skills > Connected and Co-Regulated Teams > Reduced Stress and Turnover  > Improved Culture and Client Outcomes

"The biggest takeaway of the training is that... my people feel different:
they feel better, they feel good, they feel supported, they feel valued.
There were quite a few folks who didn't communicate effectively, if at all.  
They've gone from ‘closed’ to ‘open,’ they're sharing, they're communicating,
and they're participating in events and taking on tasks like they never have before.
 It's that ‘180’  you look for with a team training… clients mention the difference in interaction, and they appreciate the effort.”   -Regional Manager
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Program Description

The Polyvagal Organizational Certificate Program from Polyvagal Institute develops individual awareness in each of your team members, leading to a shift in workplace culture as Polyvagal Principles are adopted. The training occurs over a few weeks; ongoing education is provided to ensure Polyvagal Principles are firmly embedded in individuals and in the organization’s culture.

 Training includes the following components:


Organization-wide assessment


Core training for the entire team in Polyvagal Theory


Integration of Polyvagal 

Principles into

6 key areas of the organization


Creating and Executing a Polyvagal Plan


Continuing Education for the entire staff post-certification 

“Understanding how the nervous system works has made us show up
more compassionately
… it allows the provider to adjust tone and actions
to meet the patient's needs based on what's going on.
I prepare myself and make an extra effort with eye contact, soft touch,
and a tone that is not too loud or forceful. The awareness lets me know what is
happening, so I can meet the patient where they are.” 

-Lead Physician of Clinical Team
Staff Meeting

To Learn More

The Polyvagal-Informed Organizational Certificate Program is customized for three types of organizations.  

To learn more, please access the appropriate PDF below,

and complete this brief inquiry form. 

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Clinical Organizations


Clinical organizations include organizations providing therapy-oriented services such as primary care clinics, recovery medicine centers, mental health and wellness groups.  Our goal is to increase the “quality of care” we bring to clients and to fellow team members through Polyvagal-Informed interactions.

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Non-Clinical Organizations


Non-Clinical organizations include businesses and no-profits seeking to cultivate a culture of safety and connection internally as well as with their client interactions.

Examples include educational organizations, private businesses, and mental health education providers.

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Trauma-Informed Organizations


Polyvagal-Informed training supports organizations already oriented toward trauma-informed approaches, and provides a science-based framework for understanding the nervous system and how it influences our behavior. Examples of Trauma-Informed Organizations include first responder groups, public service agencies, and public and private schools.

PV-I Inquiry Form

Inquiry Form

After sending your inquiry, download your customized PDF.

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