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Polyvagal-Informed Certificate Program for Organizations

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Polyvagal-Informed Certificate Program for Organizations

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Polyvagal Institute

Course Overview

These days, organizations of all stripes - clinical, non-clinical, public, private, etc. - are seeing a huge rise in stress-related challenges. The Harvard Business Review describes today’s environment as ‘VUCA’ - a world filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. And yet, no matter what culture or environment we work in, we have an innate, biologically-based need for safety and connection. The Polyvagal-Informed Certificate Program is designed to help organizations develop an awareness around the need for safety and to assist with creating healthy cultures of connection and belonging. For more information, visit our PV-Informed organizations page.


The program consists of five phases:
1. Organization discovery
2. Organizational readiness checklist
3. Assessment, consultation, and training plan
4. Implementation and community support
5. Post-assessment and certification


live-online or in-person

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CE's and/or Certificate of Completion Available


Polyvagal Institute

Polyvagal Institute


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