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Polyvagal Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a new paradigm for health and wellness by providing training, supporting community, and sharing research centered around a revolutionary understanding of the body and mind, as presented in the work of Dr. Stephen Porges and Polyvagal Theory.

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Learn with Polyvagal Institute

Our courses and trainings are developed in conjunction with Stephen Porges, PhD, creator of the Polyvagal Theory and co-founder of Polyvagal Institute. Learn directly from Dr. Porges and other thought leaders including Deb Dana, Peter Levine, Arielle Schwartz, Jan Winhall, Mona Delahooke, Lori Desautels, Michael Allison, and more.


Find a course based on your interest, career field, or level of knowledge from beginner to expert- many with CEs available. From foundational knowledge in our Core Courses to Applications Courses that apply Polyvagal Theory to your life and profession, topics include felt safety, trauma, addiction, martial arts, therapy, yoga, education, parenting, somatic experiencing, performance, childhood development and much more. Our Certificate Courses offer our most robust training toward  becoming polyvagal-informed. 


For those seeking training in other languages, Polyvagal Institute's (PVI) international partner network includes eight countries offering courses which are PVI approved.


What is Polyvagal Theory?

Polyvagal Theory emphasizes the role the autonomic nervous system --especially the vagus nerve-- plays in regulating our health and behavior. Created and developed by Stephen Porges, PhD, the theory describes the physiological/psychological states which underlie our daily behavior as well as challenges related to our wellness and mental health. By applying Polyvagal Theory to our  personal lives as well as to disciplines such as medicine, education, and management, we can understand how safety, co-regulation, and connection are paramount to a healthy human experience.

Find more information and polyvagal resources on our What is Polyvagal Theory?  page.


Read Dr. Porges' most recent peer-reviewed paper from August 2023:

'The vagal paradox; a polyvagal solution.'

Our free Polyvagal Institute Community App!

Connect, co-regulate and share about Polyvagal Theory with people around the globe. Events, specialty groups, and shared experiences await!

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Why I Support PVI...

Polyvagal Theory and Dr. Porges' research has been the foundation of the work I do. I welcome any opportunity to give back to Polyvagal Institute, so that more people can learn about the Polyvagal Theory and how it applies to their daily life.

- Anonymous PVI Supporter

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Dr. Stephen Porges addressed crowd at live Polyvagal Institute event

Legacy Talks LIVE: 

A series of landmark events happening at Oxford University and in Atlantic Beach, Florida, featuring Dr. Stephen Porges and select thought-leaders in the field of psychology and neurobiology.

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