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in Atlantic Beach, Florida

Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana, LCSW bring Polyvagal Theory to life on November 10-11, 2023, in Atlantic Beach, Florida (and virtually online). Registration opens March 2023.

Stephen Porges PhD

Bringing Polyvagal Theory To Life

Join Polyvagal Theory (PVT) developer Stephen Porges and world-renowned trauma therapist and PVT expert Deb Dana for this unique two-day live workshop it Dr. Porges’ hometown Atlantic Beach, Florida. This intimate event is planned as a deep dive into the clinical application of PVT in therapy, exploring it from both scientific and practical perspectives. The two days include live demonstrations followed by deconstruction and discussion, lots of time for Q&A, and meals together at the lovely beachside location.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop participants will be better able to:

  • Analyze the organizing principles of Polyvagal Theory

  • Apply tools to help regulate their own autonomic state to create an environment of safety for clients

  • Assess client responses through autonomic state and state shifts

  • Use an understanding of Polyvagal Theory to create an environment for clients that encourages safety and connection

  • Employ exercises designed to engage the neural circuits of a client’s Social Engagement System to improve clinical outcomes

  • Utilize polyvagal-informed processes to help clients return to regulation

  • Modify co-regulating practices to match a client’s autonomic capacity for connection

Full Event Details

The autonomic nervous system is at the heart of daily living powerfully shaping our experiences of safety and influencing our capacity for connection. Polyvagal Theory provides a guide to the autonomic circuits that underlie behaviors and beliefs and an understanding of the bi-directional pathways between brain and body that give birth to our stories of safety and survival. Polyvagal Theory gives us a map of the ways our bodies respond to both the ordinary and extraordinary challenges we meet each day. Anchored in the safety of a regulated nervous system, pathways of connection become accessible, and we can travel those pathways in service of healing. When we find our way to regulation, we can engage the power of the nervous system to hold ourselves and others in care and compassion.

Those who have seen Steve and Deb in conversation together know the deep connection they share and the wisdom that organically emerges as they engage in dialogue about the many ways Polyvagal Theory helps us understand how we are human and how we can use it in therapy. This two-day workshop offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in that experience, and to further develop a compassionate and connecting lens for engaging with the world, and with yourself.   

Agenda at a Glance

Friday Morning 

The Evolution of Polyvagal Theory 

Answering the Challenges 

The Origins of Polyvagal Guided Practice

Friday Afternoon

Polyvagal Principles  

Live Demo with Discussion

Friday Evening
In-person Community Dinner


Saturday Morning

Through a Polyvagal Lens

Live Demo with Discussion

Saturday Afternoon

A Polyvagal Perspective on Change

Community Conversations 

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