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Randall Redfield
Executive Director
Randall Redfield headshot

Randall spent the first half of his professional career in international communications and documentary production.  His interest in the therapeutic effect of movement led to him co-founding Integrated Listening Systems (ILS), the first program for improving brain function through the systematic integration of music and movement.  Randall also developed and patented a sleep product utilizing bone conducted music, the Dreampad, which won awards in the sleep industry and resulted in Randall’s 15 minutes of fame as a guest on the reality TV show Shark Tank. 

Working with tools and therapists who were successfully stimulating the vagus nerve, and helping thousands of clients in the process, was a highlight of his professional career.  But it was the experience of having teenagers that introduced Randall to the invaluable teachings of Polyvagal Theory. It was this personal experience – learning how our defensive mechanisms work, how our states shift, and how we co-regulate each other - that led to early discussions with the other PVI founding members to create an institute dedicated to bringing a polyvagal perspective to the broader population.  

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