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Karen L. Onderko
PVI Founding Member

karen-onderko polyvagal institute

Karen is passionate about advancing the understanding and application of polyvagal principles to improve care and increase connection and acceptance among humans. 

She spent nearly two decades working in financial risk management, consulting banks and corporations on the use of derivative products, and managing a business that reduced risk for investment portfolios. Over a decade ago, captivated by neuroplasticity, she shifted her attention toward neuroscience, studying and researching at the University of Colorado. There, she became drawn to clinical applications of neuroplasticity and Polyvagal Theory. 

At Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), and then Unyte, she has had the opportunity to learn from the clinician population and support the evolution of best delivery practices through training and research. Regularly witnessing the transformative power of a polyvagal-informed approach, she is eager to promote education and access to PVT for people in diverse disciplines throughout the world.

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