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I am a Certified Leadership Coach with 25 years of senior leadership experience in multiple contexts and countries. In 2021, I became a trainer on Deb Dana's Engaging the Rhythm of Regulation: Foundations of Polyvagal Informed Practice Part 1 offered through the Polyvagal Institute. I am available as a consultant to individuals or organizations interested in deepening the integration of polyvagal informed practice into their personal and professional lives.

My coaching clients are individuals and groups committed to being a positive force for change - within their families, local communities or the broader world. Learning to manage stressful situations differently enables my clients to leverage their knowledge and skills, and by doing so, maximize their ability to contribute from the best of who they are. My goal is to equip clients with the self-knowledge and tools they need to consciously coach themselves.

My approach to coaching is informed by research within the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience and firmly rooted in understanding the mind and body as one integrated system. Polyvagal Theory has become a cornerstone of my coaching practice.

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