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Greetings! After taking Deb's Foundations I course in Fall of 2020, PVT has become the foundation upon which I now work with all my clients. In fact, I'm reorganzing my entire practice model around it! PVT provides that scientific understanding most Westerners are conditioned to trust, but in ways that are neither too complicated nor too spiritual...clients find it a user-friendly and powerful tool as they grow toward adaptability, regulation, and connection with themselves and others! It's a beautiful thing, and one I am applying to ADHD specifically, as I am an ADHDer myself and specialize in it in my private practice. Looking towards coaching models to bring this fabuluos tool to ADHDers everywhere, and so grateful to Stephen and Deb for bringing it to us! Looking forward to learning from and collaborating with all of you!

Marise Rowell, LCPC