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Polyvagal Enhanced Resilience Training

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Course length

5 hours

About the course

In your life or professional practice, does full healing seem a bit elusive? The Polyvagal Theory has given us a common language and road map of our nervous system that can guide us to a better understanding of our bodies response to trauma. In Enhanced Resilience Training™, you will work through the body to feel safety which is essential for the beginning of healing.

Most of us have experienced trauma in some form. We recognize we live in a traumatized world. That may be why you are here looking to grow in your understanding of how the human nervous system is affected by trauma. As Dr Porges says we have 2 main biological imperatives, to feel safe and to socially engage. The Enhanced Resilience Training (ERT™) is a comprehensive approach to feeding our nervous system what it most desires. Dr. Porges says, "It is good to have a blueprint for humanity and a language for it, but it is insightful interventions like ERT that really grasp onto the basic principles of what it means to be human and give us rehabilitation strategies that are very consistent with what our nervous system is really desiring.”

We are all familiar with the long list of symptoms that develop if PTSD is not treated. These symptoms can be debilitating. One symptom that can be most harmful is disassociation. The mind and body disconnect during trauma is a safety mechanism but when untreated mild dissociation can progress into isolation - avoiding healthy contact and relationship with others. Once can get stuck in this state - deprived of social engagement.

This introduction to ERT™ is a prerequisite for instructor certification. ERT™ is a unique methodology that combines the latest scientific understanding of trauma and the nervous system with a dynamic mind/body approach to “re-program” the nervous system. ERT™ prescribes the ideal mix of physical activities and theoretical training on the impact of  trauma on the nervous system to guide participants towards social engagement and resilience.

This hybrid training will introduce you to elements of the live, in-person ERT™ training program that occurs over five days. ERT™ empowers people who have been disconnected from their bodies through trauma, whether intergenerational or personal and, in a social setting, resets the body’s alarm system, shifting the body and mind to a place of safety through positive neuro-regulation. In this introduction, you will hear from Dr. Porges and Master Dean on why ERT™ is so effective, gain new insight to the PVT, and learn tools you can use immediately for yourself and your clients.

"The secret that you have found through your training in martial arts is what you give the individual, empowering the person with a focused activity, and being a defensive martial art helps it change their narrative so now in their mind they not only have the agency to move they have the agency to protect themselves so it's like you are giving them a story they can use.” 

- Dr. Stephen Porges

Course Outline

ERT™ is a comprehensive and dynamic approach for empowering and aiding recovery from the effects of trauma. Through this online, hybrid course Master Dean will walk you through each key element of ERT™ with explanations and physical demonstrations. Two live zoom sessions will advance your understanding and clarify any questions. Lastly, the course completes with pre-recorded conversations between Dr. Porges, Master Dean and Abby Napora.'

Module 1 - On-demand/Asynchronous

Module 2 - On-demand/Asynchronous

Module 3 - On-demand/Asynchronous

Live Meetup 1: Friday, February 17, 2023 at 8am PT / 11am ET (US & Canada)

Module 4 - On-demand/Asynchronous

Module 5 - Recorded interviews with Dr. Stephen Porges, Master Dean, and Abby Napora

Live Meetup 2: Friday, February 24, 2023 at 8am PT / 11am ET (US & Canada)

Instructor Information:


Master Dean Siminoff

Master Dean Siminoff is a 6th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and Master Instructor for the past 28 years. He has been operating his own schools for 21 years gaining a unique understanding of the mind and body, working with all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. He is the founder & president of Martial Arts for Justice, a registered Canadian Charity. He is passionate about bringing justice to the poor and vulnerable in our world and has travelled to different parts of Africa. His commitment to helping those facing injustice and gender-based violence, has led to the creation of Enhanced Resilience Training™. ERT™ is now transforming lives in Rwanda where MAJ is delivering training to women and girls giving them new hope through personal empowerment and trauma healing. Over the past 5 years, more than 600 women have received ERT™ including 420 in the year 2021 funded by Martial Arts for Justice, as part of a special Avega Agahozo project, “Rusizi Resilience.”



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