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September 2021
The Science of Psychotherapy

Dr. Stephen Porges talks about Polyvagal Safety

Audio Duration

52 minutes

September 2021

How safe do you feel?Revolutionising mental health with the Polyvagal Theory

Audio Duration

1h 16 min

August 2021
Finding Mastery 290

Stephen Porges: How Social Connection Combats Stress

Audio Duration

1hr 38 min

August 2021
Roman Wyden interviews
Stephen W. Porges, PhD

ADHD Is Over: Episode 74 - The Chronically Threatened

Audio Duration

63 minutes

July 2021
Joanne McIntyre, OT, MS (Psych), interviews Randall Redfield, PVI’s Executive Director

Safe & Sound Protocol: Speaking with PVI Executive Director Randall Redfield

Audio Duration

40 minutes